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The IT Jobseeker by SKG process guides employers through recruiting from creating a job post to signing your first hire. Below are details regarding each step in the recruitment process along with a contact form to recruit candidates today.

As a business owner finding and retaining top talent is a number one concern.
We know that your business depends on highly skilled professionals to continue running smoothly and productively and so we are passionate about helping you connect with the very best and can help take your business to the next level.
Once registering with us you will be able to recieve assistance from our experierced consultants anytime.

After registering with IT Jobseeker we will organize a meeting with you to discuss your opening position and what exactly as an employer the kind of talent you are looking for.
We will help with any queshons and advice that is needed.

We will work through and write down the kind of candidate you are looking for, and what kind of contract you are hoping to offer. We will do our best to help you find the most talented individuals and ones that best suit your company.

We will introduce your job add on our website, including all details as to contract and the type of employee you are looking for.
When a suitable candidate is found, we will set up a meeting between yourself and the candidate and talk about all areas of employment.

One of our experienced consultants will set up an official interview with yourselves the employer and the interested candidates.
We will be there on hard to answer any question or give any advice if the need arises.

After your company has short listed candidates and selected the most suitable candidate, an offer can be made.
The starting date, remuneration and other important details must be decided and agreed upon by both parties.
We at ITJS will of course support both our clients and the candidate if further help is needed.

Commencement of Employment

We will be in constant contact with our clients and the new employee to make sure that both have fulfilled the agreement.

Post a job

example)SK Global Co. Ltd.

ex.)Taro Yamada

ex.)Chief Executive Officer



ex.)Customer Support Specialist, Help Desk Specialist, Information Technology Coordinator, Network Engineer, Programmer

ex.)Annual Income ? 10,000,000

ex.)Shibaura Minato-ku Tokyo-to



ex.)Business Content and Regulations, etc.

I agree